RMS Group is qualified to provide the following Scope of Services:

  • Transport & Treatment of Oily Waste, Used Oil, Bilge Water, Bunker Sludge, Cooking Oil and other Ship/Land generated wastes that falls under Hazardous Waste Category (I101 & I102).
  • Collection, Transport and Disposal of garbage, industrial residual wastes, non-hazardous and all types of hazardous wastes.
  • Spill clean-up and bioremediation and decontamination.
  • Tank cleaning and treatment of washings.
  • Rental of Portable Toilets (Portalet).
  • Recycling of various materials from Materials Recovery Facilities.
  • Distributor of bunker fuel oil, petroleum gas and other fuel products.
  • Transport, Storage, Treatment, Destruction and Disposal of Seized Counterfeit, Abandoned Shipments and other Articles due for Condemnation