About RMS Petroleum Technology & Waste Management

 As the industry’s increasing demand of haulers/treaters of used oil & bunker sludge nationwide, RMS SHIPPING LINES, INC. was established to cross the boundaries of Luzon and extend its reach to the other parts of the country. In 2015, due to the alarming issue with garbage problems, RMS PTWMC expanded its business focus into collection, transport & disposal of garbage & solid wastes. The company believes that as a responsible citizen, every Filipino has the responsibility to protect the environment not only for ourselves but for the future generation.

In 2000, MR. RONELO M. SAQUIAN, President of RMS Group of Companies, founded ARNIELLE TRADING located in Taguig City, a DOE – Oil Industry Management Bureau acknowledged Downstream Industry player engaged in the distribution of Petroleum Products. After 10 years of servicing the industry, RMS PETROLEUM TECHNOLOGY & WASTE MANAGEMENT CORPORATION was established in 2010, a DENR-Accredited Transporter and Category D TSD Facility to operate in Marilao, Bulacan to handle used oil, cooking oil & bunker sludge treatment.

In 2020, in order to cater the growing demand for Service Provider for treatment and  disposal of Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste due to the strict Implementation of  Environmental Laws in the country, RMS PTWMC, expanded its waste acceptability by opening a new TSD Facility located in Brgy. San Nicolas, Mexico Pampanga. The company aims also to  augment the government effort to clean the environment from hazards caused by toxic and  hazardous waste generated by human activities and recycle waste materials into useful resource.

Today, RMS Group of Companies continuously promotes the sustainable development  and continuously expanding its facility to handle different types of wastes. Our role is to be a  reliable and competitive partner to businesses in the segments of the market in which we serve  and to support these businesses as they expand and develop. 

RMS PETROLEUM TECHNOLOGY & WASTE MANAGEMENT CORP is a DENR-Accredited Treatment, Storage and Disposal of Hazardous Waste with Plant 1 Address at 0822 M. Villarica Road, Brgy. Sta. Rosa 1, Marilao Bulacan operating under ECC and TSD Registration No. OL-TR-R3-14-000069 and Plant 2 Address at Brgy. San Nicolas, Mexico Pampanga operating under ECC and TSD Registration No. OL-TR-R3-54-000064.

RMS provides a wide array of new technological and environmentally sound solutions in the  treatment and disposal of Hazardous and Non-hazardous Wastes. RMS has its processing area, treatment facilities, partner landfills and warehouses manned and managed by highly qualified  and competent technical personnel with years of experience in handling the disposal of all kinds  of waste including toxic and hazardous materials. 

The company was envisioned to assist the clients particularly the industrial sector in the  management of hazardous wastes by providing complete solutions in the transportation and  treatment of different hazardous waste. The intent of the hazardous waste program is to provide  a “cradle-to-grave” management system to hazardous waste to ensure that these wastes are  not mismanaged in a way that will impact human health and/or the environment. 

RMS PETROLEUM TECHNOLOGY & WASTE MANAGEMENT CORP is also a DENR Accredited Transporter assigned with the Registration No. OL-TP-R3-14-000096. The company  owned 12 Tanker/Lorry Trucks with various capacities, 4 Giga Aluminum Van, 9 Dump Trucks,  3 Container Bins, 3 Mini-Dump Trucks, 1 Garbage Compactor, 6 Skeletal Chassis capable to  transport non-hazardous and hazardous waste such as Acid Waste (B201 – B299), Alkali Waste  (C301 – C399), Waste with Inorganic Chemicals (D401 – D405, D408 – D499), Reactive Chemical  Wastes (E599); Ink/dyes/pigments/paint/latex/ adhesives/organic sludge (F601 – F699),  Organic Wastes (H802), Waste Oil (I101-I102), and Miscellaneous wastes (M501, M503, M504  & M506).