List of Owned Lot with Warehouse and Vehicle Parking


Location of Property: Brgy. Sta. Rosa I, Marilao, Bulacan
Tax Declaration No. 2014-12014-00165 /2014-12014-02040
Property Index No. 020-014-004-003-L / 020-12-014-032-001-L
Lot Area: 5,500 & 348 sq. m

Location of Property: Prenza 1, Marilao Bulacan
Tax Declaration No. 2014-12011-03534
Property Index No. 020-12-011-039-047-L
Lot Area: 3,000 sq.m



Tankers & Trailers (18 Units):

6 Isuzu

3 Hino

2 Trail Heavy

2 Dongfeng

5 Rebuilt

Dump trucks (9 Units):

4 Isuzu

4 Dongfeng


Closed Vans & Service Vehicles (5 Units):

3 Isuzu

2 Mitsubishi

Trash Bins & Compactor (4 Units):

3 Trail Heavy


Equipment/Tools (3 Units):

PC300 Komatsu Backhoe

MT-100 KATO Crane



A. Storage Tanks

Oil Storage Tanks, Vertical

Oil Storage Tanks, Horizontal

Water Storage Tank, Square

Fuel Oil Day Tank

B. Process Vessels

Cooling Water Tank

Waste Water Heater

Wet Scrubber


C. Process Auxillaries

Heat Exchanger


Water Separator

D. Pressure. Vessel

Steam Boiler, 300 BHP

Stem Manifold


E. Pollution Control Facilities

Waste Water Treatment Plant

Oil-Water Separator

Equalization Tank

PH Adjustment Tank

Aeration Tank


F. Air Pollution Control Facilities

Wet Scrubber Surplus

Dust Collector Surplus